Governance and decisions

Decisions made by the Secretary General together with the Chair 

  • Costs up to 50.000 SEK not in the budget

  • Small activities such as social media campaigns

  • When decision is made for small activities will the General Secretary ensure to inform the whole board

Decisions by the board: 

  • Strategy and Purpose

  • Costs over 50.00 SEK not in the budget

  • Big activities and events according to our statues

  • Sponsors and partners

  • New routines and policies

  • Total budget


The General Secretary’s responsibilities

BEAT Diabetes foundation is an independent entity with a long-term and pan-Nordic approach to respond to the global diabetes challenge. The Secretary General have a key role and is responsible for execution and follow up of the strategic directions set by the board. The Secretary General refers to the board and reports to the chair of the board. 

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Developing and securing funding and partnerships to drive the foundation´s mission, activities and events 

  • Development and delivery of a strategic plan and roadmap in line with the foundation´s mission to the board for approval 

  • Managing the planning and delivery of the activities and events approved by the board

  • Exercising financial control and budgetary management of the foundation 

  • Acting as the spokesperson and ambassador for the foundation 

  • Drive the foundation´s agenda and strategy 

  • Advising the board on all aspects of the foundation´s strategic development 

  • Participate in board meetings being responsible for the meeting structure, planning, preparation, agenda and documentation

  • Establish the foundation in all Nordic countries and create strategies and activities to increase awareness of the Beat Diabetes foundation

  • Raise awareness and drive positive change in the three key areas health tech, healthy lifestyles and inclusion and Wellbeing

  • Create and lead activities together with sponsors and partners

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