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Whom are we looking for?

We are looking for you who are a data scientist, application developer, AI expert, work with IT architecture, business developers, and lawyers.

The competitors can be companies, business start-ups, students, or individuals who have a passion to change the world for people living with type 1 diabetes.

You can compete together or apply individually and then be divided into teams.

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Winning price


- The winning team gets a Fast Track Ticket to the top 20 of the global Open Innovation Challenge , category Digital Diabetes, run by the Diabetes Center Berne (DCB). You’ll have the chance to win up to 100,000 USD in funding and kind support to further develop and accelerate the idea.

- The winning team has the chance to present their idea and process at the Nordic region's largest e-health fair, Vitalis, 17th of May in connection to the presentation from Vinnova "How to accelerate innovation with sensitive data".

All competitors

- All competition entries will be presented to potential investors. We will soon present the potential investors.

- All teams will get free entry tickets to the Vitalis Fair, to create new networks and exchange contacts.

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Top 5 reasons why you should participate

Tackle a global challenge: Today 500 million people around the world have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 4 million people die annually due to secondary causes from diabetes which can shorten their lives up to 15 years. Diabetes technology has made enormous progress, yet there is a great unmet need for innovative diabetes technology solutions.

Collaborate with fellow coders and business developers: Everyone – from experienced data scientists to novice technologists to partners and SAS experts.

Get free enablement resources: Take advantage of coaching on AI, cloud environments, and industries with training courses and virtual learning labs.

Extend your professional network and be connected with national and global innovators and potential partners.

During the Hackathon, SAS provides each team with an experienced mentor who will guide and support the team.

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Hackathon schedule

Press here to see the entire schedule 

Small adjustments may occur in the schedule.

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Q: How many hours do people spend on a Hackathon?
A: Approximately at least 30 hours.

Q: Can you join even though you work full time?
A: Absolutely, you can work evenings and nights if there is interest.

Q: We have our own data we would like to analyze in the competition environment, is it possible?
A: Absolutely! Then you are responsible for that data and act as the data controller for that specific data.

Q: What kind of cloud environment is available?
A: Cloud Environment #IHackForDiabetes

Q: Are you guaranteed a spot if you apply?
A: There are limited spots.

Q: What is the advantage of being on-site versus digital?
A: There are 10-15 break-out rooms, an assembly hall, and a recording studio. Possibility to share experiences with Industry colleagues and meet the jury physically.

Q: Is everyone guaranteed a place?
A: Depending on how many people apply, selection may need to be carried out. It is therefore important to register as soon as possible.

Q: Who owns the competition entries and the business ideas?
A: You and your team.

Q: When is the final expected to end?
A: Expected to be done by 18:30.

Q: Does it include accommodation & transport?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Does it include food?
A: Sandwich and beverage, lunch and afternoon coffee.

Q: If you have additional questions
A: Write to

Terms and conditions

Terms and Condition

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